TKD Armor Academy

North Richland Hills, TX 76182
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SportMartial Arts
GenderGirls, Boys
Cost$150 or less
Coach -
TryoutsDrop In
Travel RangeNever
GamesOnce per Week
PracticesTwice per week
AffiliationWorld Taekwondo Federation; Kukkiwon;
PhilosophyWe want our players to have fun and learn some skills. We may or may not keep score and want all players to be able to participate equally. No experience required!
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TKD Armor Academy

TKD Armor Academy specializes in family oriented martial arts instruction with curriculum and progression based on traditional Taekwondo. We believe martial arts should be encouraging, rewarding and fun. Children, parents and grandparents are encouraged to take part in family martial arts activities in addition to the age and/or skill level classes. We teach martial arts to build confidence, focus, strength and dexterity. We promote martial arts as an "art", as a sport and as exercise for the spirit, body and mind. We do teach self-defense in the tiny-tiger kids classes; in that they will learn how to shout for help and run away if attacked by a stranger and they will be able to tell a police officer their parents or guardians names if they become lost. We believe martial arts should be enjoyable and professional. We include techniques and instruction from other martial arts to keep things fresh. Exercise may use on Muay Thai on Monday, Hapkido joint locks or Aikido redirection on Tuesday, and Boxing striking and dodging on Wednesday. Instructors are certified with pedigree, tested, and verified. Our instructors teach to their proficiency in each skill; they do not fabricate or embellish instruction. We believe that the first step to self defense is to get out of a bad situation. Call it running away or a tactical retreat; but violence is always a last resort. We believe that sparring is a sport, not training for a fight. Most importantly, we enjoy what we do. We enjoy working with our students to achieve their individual goals as part of their martial arts education. We provide professional Taekwondo, self defense, and family friendly martial arts instruction in the 76182, 76248 and 76034 areas.
01/18/14 03:27 am

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