Swim Neptune Flagstaff

Flagstaff, AZ 86004
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Cost$150 or less
Contactgayle schurz
Coach gayle schurz
Travel RangeDaytrip
GamesOnce per Week
PracticesFour +
AffiliationAZ Swimming, USA Swimming American Swim Coaches Association
PhilosophyWe’re teaching experienced players the skills they need to play at higher levels. We understand there is more to life than just our sport, but do expect a pretty substantial commitment. Playing time must be earned at this level.
Team BioWe travel to meets once per month and "playing time" is based on the swimmers' self-defined goal contract with the coaching and parent support teams. Competitive Swimming in Flagstaff is a fantastic value for your child’s athletic education. The Mt Elden Middle Schol Pool is located within about 15 min. of almost all of the 86001 and 86004 zip codes – at the corner of 4th St and Cedar – kitty-corner from the E.Flagstaff Library location and down the street from a grocery store. Drop those kids off and run some errands, or just run. Our USA Swimming Team at Swim Neptune Flagstaff provides team insurance & coaching credentials that include: a coaches annual Level 2 background check, CPR certification, swim coaching school, annual coaching fee, annual athlete protection training, and a swim rules test. What other youth sport requires these types of credentials to work with young athletes?

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