Swim MAC (Learn To Swim Only)-SwimMAC Training Center @ Charlotte

Charlotte, NC 28277
Swim MAC (Learn To Swim Only)-SwimMAC Training Center @ Charlotte logo
GenderGirls, Boys
Cost$150 or less
ContactThomas Bright
Coach Learn to swim today! We are partners with USA S
SeasonSpring, Summer
Travel RangeNever
GamesOnce per Week
PracticesTwice per week
AffiliationUSA Swimming
PhilosophyThere are no tryouts here. We are about participation and playing with your friends. A great first time exposure to our sport. If you’re experienced, you’ve probably outgrown us.
Team Bio Our instructors are trained to deal with even the most fearful swimmer. We often have extra teachers on hand to jump in if need be. If you need help getting assistance; we will gladly get your child into the water and swimming happily in no time!

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