Monsoon Swim Club

Tucson, AZ 85704
Monsoon Swim Club logo
GenderGirls, Boys
Cost$150 or less
ContactJosh Franklin
Coach Our team is a year round competitive swim team o
SeasonWinter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Travel RangeDaytrip
GamesOnce per Week
PracticesFour +
AffiliationUSA Swimming
PhilosophyWe’re teaching experienced players the skills they need to play at higher levels. We understand there is more to life than just our sport, but do expect a pretty substantial commitment. Playing time must be earned at this level.
Team BioWelcome to Monsoon Swim Club, the competitive swim team of Saguaro Aquatics. It’s your year-round swim team in northwest, Tucson. Take a look and you’ll discover the one sport that knows no season. No doubt about it, the confidence gained from our strong, positive and experienced coaching staff means you’ll be eager to jump right in. We’re in the water up to 6 days per week building strong swimmers. Here’s what this is all about. At Monsoon Swim club, we believe in character first. Team Monsoon swimmers know great technique is the path to fast swimming. What’s more, our focus is always on developing a swimmer’s self-esteem and character. Simply put, our measure of success goes well beyond the time-clock . Our swimmers learn through a variety of coaching techniques. Every technique is not only modeled but coupled with verbal instruction. All practice groups apply a technique builds speed philosophy. Even swimmers new to swim team will find themselves fitting-in right from the start. With five practice groups each for different skill levels, it’s easy to find the perfect group. In the spirit of team building, each practice group adorns a distinctive swim cap. See our Practice Groups page to view standards, training details for each practice group, required practice equipment, practice schedules and fees for each group. Growth through Practice & Meets... Here’s the truth. Great practices begin with the right mindset and proper nutrition/hydration. In short, the path to swimming success begins well before a swimmer hits the water. But that’s only half the story. At Team Monsoon, we’re committed to each swimmer’s personal success. It’s why, here swim team members will find: •Experienced, level appropriate coaching staff •Low swimmer to coach ratio •Strict adherence to USA Swimming and SAAA guidelines •Technique driven training program •Training sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of each group and committed as a staff to developing each swimmer. Monsoon Swim Club participates in the SAAA Summer league, as well as the year round USA Swimming league. Here’s why. Swimmers work hard at every practice. They’re given all the support and guidance to reach their own personal potential. With that said, every swimmer deserves the opportunity to compete and discover the rewards of their hard work. Yes, it’s true. Swimmers compete against other swimmers. But more importantly, they compete against themselves. Many valuable life lessons are learned at meets. Take a look: •Discovering your personal best •Understanding the correlation between hard work and results •How to leverage set backs into success •The power of goal setting - in the water and out •How to be a good teammate - build others up and offer support •Managing anxiety, fear and doubt •Development of leadership skills Monsoon Swim Club is about more than developing great swimmers. Our focus is on developing great people. It’s why, we expect a strong sense of discipline, proper nutrition and hard work. Commitment and an encouraging attitude are expectations of both swimmers and parents. Please read our parent/swimmer agreement for additional details on our expectations. Each parent/swimmer will be asked to sign this document prior to joining Team Monsoon. Try Team Monsoon - The Storm is Growing Stronger! At Monsoon Swim Club, swimmers develop confidence and healthy self-esteem. See for yourself, why team monsoon is the one swim team you’ll return to year-after-year. Monsoon Swim Club offers open try-outs. That means you can try-out and join swim team at anytime. Check out our Practice Groups page to see what day and time, you’ll be practicing. So, grab your goggles, cap and swimsuit and come join us. Don’t forget your sunscreen, towel and water bottle. We’ll see you soon and help you feel right at home.

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