Range Martial Arts

Chisholm, MN 55719
Range Martial Arts logo
SportMartial Arts, Other
GenderGirls, Boys
Cost$150 or less
Coach Mr. Bryan Fagerstrom
SeasonWinter, Spring, Summer, Fall
TryoutsDrop In
Travel RangeClose to Home, Daytrip, Overnight
PracticesOnce a week, Twice per week
AffiliationWorld Tang Soo Do Association; MN Haidong Gumdo Assoc.; World Haidong Gumdo Fed.; U.S. Haidong Gumdo Assoc.; Word Ki Gong Club;
PhilosophyWe want our players to have fun and learn some skills. We may or may not keep score and want all players to be able to participate equally. No experience required!
Team BioHe is a 3rd degree "World Tang Soo Do Association" black belt along with several other instructor black belts. He has started training at the "Range Martial Arts" studio in 1991 at 8 years old. December of 1998 is when he successfully tested for 1st degree black belt. June 1st 2003 is when he took over the school from the school's founder, Mr. Steve Yukich. September 2009 is when he passed his test for 3rd degree black belt.

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