Portland Cal Ripken

Portland, OR 97215
Portland Cal Ripken logo
GenderBoys, Girls
Cost$150 or less
ContactBob Hart
Phone503 349-5951+891595%943 3050/0
Coach -
SeasonSpring, Summer, Fall
Travel RangeClose to Home
GamesTwice per Week
PracticesOnce a week
AffiliationCal Ripken and Babe Ruth
Team Bio

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Portland Cal Ripken

Cal Ripken baseball is by nature and design a very competitive style of baseball. Portland Cal Ripken's approach is to provide the most experienced coaching and a positive learning environment. There are more tournament opportunities with Cal Ripken than any other rec league in Portland. While we have assessments rather than tryouts and 1 practice per week after games begin (until All-stars), we do ask that participating players WANT to play baseball and come prepared and ready to learn this wonderful game. We also ask that parents understand they will need to contribute their time to sustain the community atmosphere that families love. Please visit our website and facebook page for more information.
12/29/14 11:26 am

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