Motor City Prospects

redford, MI 48240
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GenderGirls, Boys
Cost$150 or less
Contactward elliott associate scout
Coach von joshua dick pole ward elliott
TryoutsDrop In
Travel RangeNationally
GamesTwice per Week
PracticesFour +
Affiliationbaseball usssa;
PhilosophyWe expect our players to be 100% committed. Our goal is to compete at the highest levels in our sport and maximize exposure of our players to college coaches for possible scholarships. Players must constantly work to earn and keep their position on the team.
Team Biovon joshua, former mlb outfielder from 1969 to 1980..professional hitting coach from 1983 to 2011 with the dodgers,blue jays,white sox and chicago cubs... dick pole, former mlb pitcher from 1973 to 1978..spent 23 years in the major leagues as pitching coach... ward elliott associate scout chicago cubs, under area supervisor tim adkins. damon ellis, former redford union high school head coach chuck colding, current assistant at southfield lathrup high school

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Motor City Prospects

MOTOR CITY PROSPECTS is an organization formed by ward elliott, to provide players the chance to work with proven major league coaches and allow them to grow and mature under the watchful eye of coaches that were responsible for the development of top mlb players such as greg maddux,cc sabathia,homer bailey, magglio ordonez,mike piazza,mike cameron and many other players that were promoted to the major leagues during their long tenured professional careers. MOTOR CITY PROSPECTS is a collection of players that will play college baseball with the intent of earning a college degree and pursuing a professional baseball career. TSBRECRUITS.COM IS AFFILIATED WITH MOTOR CITY PROSPECTS
08/05/13 10:02 pm

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