KC Orioles

Kansas City, KS 66109
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Cost$150 or less
Coach Tyler
TryoutsBy Invitation
Travel RangeClose to Home
GamesTwice per Week
PracticesTwice per week
PhilosophyWe are competitive, but not too competitive. Players are always challenged to improve their skills. Playing time might not be the same for everyone, but we try to keep it balanced.
Team BioHead coach took the team over 3 years ago when he got back from the military. He's an older brother to one of the boys on the team. Because of the closeness in age, many of the boys feel comfortable around him.

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KC Orioles

KC Orioles just finished their fall season at WYCO. Next season we will be competing at JOCO 3&2 for league, and about 2-4 local tournaments and 1 out of town tournament. We aren't looking for necessarily the BEST kids in the area, but definitely want the HARDEST working and the COMMITTED. Our goals not just to win, but develop the kids for high school ball. We will begin practicing in the next few months 1 day a week over the winter. Majority of our kids play multi sports, so outside of summer, other sports are priority. That being said, if it doesn't conflict with practice, they're expected to be there. We will start spring practice about March. We will do a few fundraisers to raise money to help pay fees. Also, as a coach, I like parent involvement. Please be at your kids games, please cheer them on, just be involved.
09/30/14 04:13 pm

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