Infinity Gymnastics club

El Paso, TX 79936
Infinity Gymnastics club logo
TypeTravel, Recreation
GenderGirls, Boys
Cost$150 - $500
Coach USA Gymnastics Professional Members
SeasonWinter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Travel RangeClose to Home
PracticesTwice per week
AffiliationUSA Gymnastics
PhilosophyWe’re teaching experienced players the skills they need to play at higher levels. We understand there is more to life than just our sport, but do expect a pretty substantial commitment. Playing time must be earned at this level.
Team Bio We offer a wide range of fitness classes and programs to meet your child's needs. Our highly trained and skilled coaches ensure that your child is able to fulfill his/her potential and have a fun time doing it. Our summer camps include gymnastics, cheer, dance, tumbling and other recreational activities.

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