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Winchester, CA 92562
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Cost$150 or less
ContactRob Vasquez
Coach Rob Vasquez, Nate Bleah
Travel RangeNever
GamesOnce per Week
PracticesOnce a week
AffiliationRed Shirt League Amateur Baseball Collegiate League
PhilosophyWe’re teaching experienced players the skills they need to play at higher levels. We understand there is more to life than just our sport, but do expect a pretty substantial commitment. Playing time must be earned at this level.
Team BioImpact Player Baseball organization, founded in 2005, is run and operated by a professional, skilled, and knowledgeable coaching staff deeply committed to helping aspiring talent reach their goals. Most recently, IPB was the championship runner up in the 2016 ABCL (Amateur Baseball Collegiate League) along with Nate Bleah, IPB founder, chosen as Coach of the Year during the 2016 season. In 2015, IPB made championship runner up in the Red Shirt League. We are currently in the process of building rosters that will participate in D1 and D2 competitive leagues, ABCL league and Red Shirt League, both beginning March 1, 2017 ending May 15, 2017. The D1 league consists of varsity type talent with college red shirts and there is no age bracket. The D2 league, will consist of JV type talent with developing players. We are a high caliber, highly competitive baseball organization that competes at the highest level. If you are a player that can currently compete, or passionately wants to compete at the D1 and D2 level, we are the team that will provide opportunities to help you achieve your goal.

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Impact Player Baseball

Training and preparation for competition Spring League will begin immediately. Open tryouts will be held in Orange, CA and Murrieta, CA on a weekly basis. We invite you to contact us for scheduling and locations. All players will be fairly evaluated and place in the proper division.
10/28/16 10:08 am

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