Gymfinity Gymnastics

Fitchburg, WI 53719
Gymfinity Gymnastics logo
GenderGirls, Boys
Cost$150 or less
Coach USA Gymnastics Professional Members
SeasonWinter, Spring, Summer, Fall
TryoutsScheduled, By Invitation
Travel RangeClose to Home, Daytrip, Overnight, Nationally
GamesFour +
PracticesOnce a week, Twice per week, Three per week, Four +
AffiliationUSA Gymnastics, AAU, USTA
PhilosophyWe want our players to have fun and learn some skills. We may or may not keep score and want all players to be able to participate equally. No experience required!
Team BioWe maintain a positive mission statement, follow the code of ethics and agree to follow the USA Gymnastics Participant Welfare Policy. Professional membership in USA Gymnastics should be the gold standard, an indicator that the person or organization has committed the time, interest and hard work into being the best they can be. Our professional members must be safety certified and go through a background check with USA Gymnastics. This membership should be a distinction that parents look for and depend upon to know that they are placing their children into well-trained and professional hands.

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