Golden Rule Karate & Fitness

Oxford, NJ 07863
Golden Rule Karate & Fitness logo
SportMartial Arts
GenderGirls, Boys
Cost$150 or less
ContactPaul Kilduff
Coach Martial Arts training for all levels
SeasonWinter, Spring, Summer, Fall
TryoutsDrop In, Scheduled
Travel RangeClose to Home, Daytrip
PracticesOnce a week, Twice per week, Three per week, Four +
AffiliationMartial Arts
PhilosophyWe are competitive, but not too competitive. Players are always challenged to improve their skills. Playing time might not be the same for everyone, but we try to keep it balanced.
Team BioGolden Rule Karate & Fitness has been offering instruction and training in Isshinryu Karate since 1997. Located in Oxford, NJ, Golden Rule Karate & Fitness has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts. Headed by Paul Kilduff (Roku-Dan) and a staff of expert instructors and managers, Golden Rule Karate & Fitness offers a number of programs for physical fitness and instruction in Karate.

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