Firecrackers AZ

Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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Cost$150 or less
ContactCoach Hinkle
Coach Coach Hinkle
TryoutsDrop In
Travel RangeDaytrip
GamesTwice per Week
PracticesTwice per week
AffiliationUSSSA; Triple Crown;
PhilosophyWe expect our players to be 100% committed. Our goal is to compete at the highest levels in our sport and maximize exposure of our players to college coaches for possible scholarships. Players must constantly work to earn and keep their position on the team.
Team BioWe have the best coaching staff in Arizona.

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Firecrackers AZ

The Firecrackers organization was founded in 1990 and is dedicated to the progressive advancement of players both as athletes and as young ladies. It is our goal as an organization to teach our players important life lessons through the game of softball, such as discipline, hard work, commitment, perseverance and the value of team work. Firecrackers AZ teams are under the guidance and watchful eye of Tony Rico and Randy Kaye. Tony's participation with all Firecracker teams includes workouts in Arizona, Southern California and Texas.
11/20/13 12:32 am

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