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Why AllTeamz?
Hey it’s 2015.  The internet should have better information about youth sports teams and leagues.  People are tired of having to know someone to get information about what’s best for their own kid.  AllTeamz lets parents and players find the RIGHT team.  Guess what?  In doing so, it also allows teams to find the RIGHT players.  Everybody wins!

How does the site work?
When you visit you will be given a couple of options to choose from and your fantastic journey begins!

Players: You will be able to start your search by clicking on Get Started, where you will find all of the sports available in your area. Choosing options above the teams will allow you to narrow down the teams in your area to find the perfect team for you or your child. Choose by distance or cost, map location, or recent listings and your new team will be a quick click away. Shoot the manager an email, visit their website, or give them a call should you want more details. All of the information for teams you know about and more that you don't! 

Teams/Leagues: If you are a team or league you will be able to create a profile so that players looking for teams can find you. Create a profile with our Profile Builder and share all there is to know about your team/league. Share it on Facebook or Tweet it when finished to get the word out socially. We think you'll see the value when players begin contacting you for tryouts and registrations. Trust us, your competition is doing it.  Don’t be the only one not at the party!

What are listings?
Listings are like headlines that tell you what’s up in your area.  Teams and leagues create listings to shout to the world important information about sign-ups, tryouts and any other news they might have. Profiles are the houses up and down the street, listings are the little signs on top of the mailbox that says “The Smiths live here”.  A rather bad analogy, but you get the idea.

How do I create my own listing?
Once your profile is complete, you’ll have the option to create a listing.  You can always go back and change it or add another.  Listings are like friends, a few good ones go a long way.  Listings however, will not lend you money.

You know where I’m located, that’s kinda weird, right?
The site will know what city or area you are visiting from and display relevant listings for teams in the area. It will also start your team or league search in that same area.  We use magic from years of training that tell us where you’re at.  Just kidding, our programmers tell us that stuff is easy these days.   

Can I change my location?
So you’re from Tulsa and you’d rather search in Wall Walla?  No problem.  There is a little section in the top left of the Find Your Team page called “Your Current Location”.  Click it and tell where you want to go.  Use a city name or zip and you’re on your way.  No long lines at security here.

I’d like to give you a piece of my mind! How?
We hope you’ll love AllTeamz and find it to be a great resource.  It will get better with your feedback.  Send us an email and let us know what you think!  Don’t hold back, we can take it!   (Though our tough exterior hides a caring, sensitive side that we rarely share with others.)  Email us at  We really do want to hear from you.  It’s gets lonely here at AllTeamz central sometimes…

How do I update or remove my profile?
You have most likely come across your team or league on our website and want to update or remove the information. We allow you to self service your profile by simply clicking an icon from the site. Instructions are below.


You will need to create an account if you do not have one already. Sign up

Next, let's ensure you are on the right page. The web address should be something like If it is, then continue on below. If it isn't, then click the logo image associated with the profile you wish to update to redirect you to the standalone page.

While viewing your profile you will notice a button that says Claim Team/League.

Claim Profile on

Clicking this button, assuming you are logged in to the website, will assign this team or league to your account.

Click My Account, look under Teamz and you will now see the Edit option to update the information.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


Thank you for checking out AllTeamz!

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