Dirty Birds

Savannah, TN 38372
Dirty Birds logo
Cost$150 or less
Coach Jeff Ray
TryoutsDrop In, Scheduled
Travel RangeClose to Home
GamesOnce per Week
PracticesTwice per week
PhilosophyWe want our players to have fun and learn some skills. We may or may not keep score and want all players to be able to participate equally. No experience required!
Team BioThis is a new team that we are adding to our successful organization of several years. Our current team is moving to 16u this fall but a few players can stay down so we are adding this team. We pride ourselves on having some of the best girls on and off the field and having some of the best parents and that's what we are looking to build on with this second team. We know how to have fun and when but we also know when to buckle down and play hard. We already have some connections with college coaches. Our coaches are 100% commited to the team and to teaching each and every girl. This is not daddy ball nor is this daddy's buddy or money ball. Each player will have to make the team as well as earn her position and playing time. Tryouts are August 8th @ 7:00 so if you have any questions plz call or text me pretty much any time day or night @ 931-676-7349 or call my home @ 931-676-3994 also any time. I don't sleep much and it will never bother me to wake-up and take a call at 3am to talk softball. We are very much one big family and try to be there and have each other's back wether softball related or personal. That's just how we roll. Oh I will also be needing a couple knowledgeible coaches to help with this second team. Sorry I tried to keep it short but really i could go on and on. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from lots of you and see a huge turnout at tryouts. The 16u team will also be looking for a few players to replace thows staying down so if you have a sister or a friend of that age group bring em along. Thanks: Coach Jeff

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